Thursday, December 20, 2012

Revised Seed Stitch Mug Cozy Pattern

Here is a revised pattern for my Seed Stitch Mug Cozy. I've tried to make the instructions clearer, and I'm including pics this time. Hopefully this helps! :)

Seed Stitch Mug Cozy Pattern by Kaitlyn Johnson

            -Mug with straight sides (3 in. diameter, 3 ¾ in. tall)
            -4.25 mm needles
            -G crochet hook
            -1 skein Impeccables yarn in black
            -7/8 in. button
Gauge (seed stitch): 5 sts/in.


CO 48 sts leaving a 12 in. tail

Row 1 (RS): (K1, P1) repeat to end of row
Row 2: (P1, K1) repeat to end of row

These two rows form seed stitch and are repeated through the end of the pattern.

Row 3: CO 4 sts, forming a tab, cont. in pattern to end of row

Continue in seed stitch for 3 ¼ in. or until piece is a little shorter than the mug, ending with a wrong side row.

CO, leaving the last loop intact and not cutting the yarn

Using crochet hook, chain 15


Beginning in tenth loop from hook, slip stitch down the chain and halfway down the side of the mug cozy.
Cut yarn and weave in on the wrong side.


Using cast-on tail, sew edge of tab to the opposite side of mug cozy, forming a circle with the cozy. Weave in on the back.

Sew button to the top corner of mug cozy opposite the crocheted loop. Weave in ends.

Put on mug and enjoy!