Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Knitting

Now that Christmas is past, I can finally post about my knitted gifts! I only did two knitted gifts this year, and that was a good thing, because one of them I finished at 8:30 PM Christmas Eve. Talk about a close call! Both of the projects were pillows, from patterns I found on Ravelry.

The first one was an Aran Pillow for my sis and brother-in law. I've had this lovely Shetland wool sitting around for a long time, and it kept telling me it wanted to be made into something with cables. So I did! ;)  I was really pleased with how this turned out. I ended up sewing a pillow cover out of brown cotton to go under it, because at first, I could see the white pillow through the knitting. I didn't like that look, so I whipped up a pillow cover, and voila! it worked perfectly.

The second one (that was such a close call), was a Knit & Weave Pillow. I had never seen a technique like this before, so I decided to give it a try. I LOVE it! It's so unique compared to most knitted pillows. It gave me so many ideas on how to use this technique elsewhere! It was a much smaller pillow than I've done before (12"x12"), but it was the perfect size for this pattern. It made such a lovely little pillow to curl up with on a snowy night! ;)

Close-ups of the weaving.

So those were my Christmas knitting projects! I'm already thinking up gifts to start making for next year.... maybe I'll do a post about it soon.